25 push-ups challenge: Day 1

So, I got nominated to perform this challenge by Anya Kovacs, thanks a lot!

What is it all about?

You do 25 push-ups a day for 25 days to raise awareness for mental health. Each day you nominate someone to carry the torch futher.

Trying to do push-ups properly

A push-up is a great exercise: you use your own body weight, it activates many muscles, jadajada. Currently, my upper body is underdeveloped as I mostly concentrate on my legs, so bear with me if I don’t do all 25 in one go. To do the exercise properly and avoid injuries, I’d strongly advice to follow some advises you can find on the web. I am following this technique where you lie down on the floor and literally PUSH yourself UP. It’s completely different from I’m used to, so just trying it out.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression -> Suicide

Here is a twist. Australia is being ranked the ‘happiest’ developed nation, and yet suicide was the leading cause of death among people aged 15-44 years in 2018. All in all, 45 per cent of population will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life, so these issues aren’t all that uncommon and should be addressed!

Statistics for Switzerland is also far from ideal: around 33,000 suicide attempts a year .

Side note: Under the assumption that a given suicide attempt is done by a different person every time (which isn’t exactly the case, but using the anonymous surveys we can’t get a cleaner data set), and considering life expectancy in Switzerland of 83 years, during our lifetime from adulthood we can project it to (83 – 20) * 33000 = 2 million cases of suicide attempts…

Seeking Help

Hotline number is 143. French-speaking hotlines. More about consultations is here


I won’t be talking in my video as of yet, because its still uncomfortable for me to talk after the dental surgery.

P.p.s. Every day I’ll also post a song which helps me to move forward

Advocates for Animals: Zurich

First ever Call for Justice by “a4a: Advocates for Animals” in Zurich demonstrating some recent footage from local slaughterhouses happened past Saturday.

These are standard practices, and if they were humane, wouldn’t farmers distribute such footage by themselves 🤷‍♂️🤔

Big thanks to everyone who participated and to everybody who showed some interest and asked us some questions. 

Fotos are on my instagram are courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/simon.outerspace/

Scigility is hiring!

Looking for a new opportunity in 2020?

At SCIGILITY, we build data ecosystems that solve real business problems.

We are growing, it’s a fun place to be, and you’ll have some truly awesome colleagues.

We’re hiring for Big Data Engineers in Zurich. This is a very exciting time – join our great team!

Got questions? Message me to learn more on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Investing third pillar of pension into funds


Not everyone is aware that it is possible to invest your pillar 3a savings into an investment fund instead of having them as plain CHF. Some of these funds are investing into stocks up to 100% of your funds, others mix stocks with real estate, bonds and currencies.

This article is a good start, if you are interested to know more.

Also, this website can provide a good comparison of different funds: https://www.swissfunddata.ch/sfdpub/sfd-eingang

Diversified Portfolio of Cryptos in easy 3 Steps

We’re living in rather interesting times: blockchain technology has been around for quite some time now, still actively being in the spotlight. One of it’s most prominent applications is cryptocurrencies, and now that the hype of 2018’s ICOs and All-Time-High’s for many coins are gone, and Bitcoin volatility dropped to the lowest point since months, many individuals consider not just whether to invest into a cryptocurrency but rather into which one. Or maybe even several?

When it comes to cryptocurrency people may just associate Crypto with Bitcoin but there is a wide variety of crypto that differ in their intended use. In this exercise, we’ll do a simple portfolio diversification by textbook, and its sole purpose is to show how easy it is to perform data analysis in Python.

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Intricacies of Playing “Red Deck Wins”: 10 Tips

Boros Burn

I went undefeated in the Modern main event of Swiss Magic Masters with a Boros Burn deck.

Even though the burn deck didn’t benefit much from London mulligan, it still made a deck a tiny bit more consistent: It is very important to keep a good ratio of lands and spells.

Here are ten tips on playing this very complicated deck from a very skilled and established player with multiple FNM top-16s under my belt (Disclaimer: the following assumes that games are performed under Competitive Rule Enforcement Level):

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Is it Phoenix for the win?

Izzet Guild

TLDR I won the European Modern Series Qualifier at Kaboom in Zurich with this Izzet Phoenix deck

I found this article by Javier Domingues as a good starting point: link to Hareruya and adjusted the deck to the meta accordingly

One interesting conclusion I perceived was how little of a consensus there was between different players that clearly knew their decks very well, which speaks about the depth of the strategy.

Javier Dominguez
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Nine Inch Nails качает

Maynard James Keenan был в составе A Perfect Circle с концертом в прошлом году и это было прекрасно, в этом году он посетил Европу уже в составе культового Tool и это было незабываемо. И я так много его слушал на ютубе, что постепенно проникся его самым новым проектом Puscifer альт рок, трип хоп экспериментал всего намешано:

Ну и конечно виды Grand Canyon завораживают, и понимаешь, что совсем мало ты его повидал, когда посетил.

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Affordable & Safe Housing in Seattle, WA

Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash
Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

This report is for the final course of the IBM Data Science Specialization hosted on Coursera platform. The project allows learners to be as creative as they want and come up with an idea to leverage the location data available via FourSquare API to compare neighborhoods of a city of choice, come up with a problem which can be solved using that data.

In our problem statement, we have a group of athletes who are planning to live in Seattle for several weeks. They would need to find several flats, so it’s desirable that they are located nearby to make the collective work-outs easier. Additional preferences include presence of a park nearby and low criminality in that district because they are planning to be outside very often (jogging in the evenings, etc). Also, the apartments should be affordable, but the factor of low criminality is valued higher by our clients.

The target audience for this report are:

  • potential buyers, who can roughly estimate which neighborhoods are more desired (and the models used for analysis should be easily adjustable),
  • real estate builders and planners who can decide what kind of neighborhoods are more attractive on the market to maximize selling price of newly built flats,
  • and of course, to this course’s instructors and learners who will grade my project,
  • anyone who is curious how Python can be applied to easily crawl web pages; parse CSV or JSON files; create powerful visualizations of data as scatter plots, heat maps, density plots using matplotlib, seaborn and map visualizations using Folium; process data using lists, dictionaries, pandas DataFrames.

All the code with data analysis is available on my GitHub page.

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