Investing third pillar of pension into funds


Not everyone is aware that it is possible to invest your pillar 3a savings into an investment fund instead of having them as plain CHF. Some of these funds are investing into stocks up to 100% of your funds, others mix stocks with real estate, bonds and currencies.

This article is a good start, if you are interested to know more.

Also, this website can provide a good comparison of different funds:

Diversified Portfolio of Cryptos in easy 3 Steps

We’re living in rather interesting times: blockchain technology has been around for quite some time now, still actively being in the spotlight. One of it’s most prominent applications is cryptocurrencies, and now that the hype of 2018’s ICOs and All-Time-High’s for many coins are gone, and Bitcoin volatility dropped to the lowest point since months, many individuals consider not just whether to invest into a cryptocurrency but rather into which one. Or maybe even several?

When it comes to cryptocurrency people may just associate Crypto with Bitcoin but there is a wide variety of crypto that differ in their intended use. In this exercise, we’ll do a simple portfolio diversification by textbook, and its sole purpose is to show how easy it is to perform data analysis in Python.

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