25 push-ups challenge: Day 1

So, I got nominated to perform this challenge by Anya Kovacs, thanks a lot!

What is it all about?

You do 25 push-ups a day for 25 days to raise awareness for mental health. Each day you nominate someone to carry the torch futher.

Trying to do push-ups properly

A push-up is a great exercise: you use your own body weight, it activates many muscles, jadajada. Currently, my upper body is underdeveloped as I mostly concentrate on my legs, so bear with me if I don’t do all 25 in one go. To do the exercise properly and avoid injuries, I’d strongly advice to follow some advises you can find on the web. I am following this technique where you lie down on the floor and literally PUSH yourself UP. It’s completely different from I’m used to, so just trying it out.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression -> Suicide

Here is a twist. Australia is being ranked the ‘happiest’ developed nation, and yet suicide was the leading cause of death among people aged 15-44 years in 2018. All in all, 45 per cent of population will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life, so these issues aren’t all that uncommon and should be addressed!

Statistics for Switzerland is also far from ideal: around 33,000 suicide attempts a year .

Side note: Under the assumption that a given suicide attempt is done by a different person every time (which isn’t exactly the case, but using the anonymous surveys we can’t get a cleaner data set), and considering life expectancy in Switzerland of 83 years, during our lifetime from adulthood we can project it to (83 – 20) * 33000 = 2 million cases of suicide attempts…

Seeking Help

Hotline number is 143. French-speaking hotlines. More about consultations is here


I won’t be talking in my video as of yet, because its still uncomfortable for me to talk after the dental surgery.


P.p.s. Every day I’ll also post a song which helps me to move forward